Learn Sleeptalk: A self-esteem program for children

Is your challenging child causing you to doubt yourself and your parenting abilities?

Do you feel misunderstood and on a merry-go-round of endless consultations and dead ends?

... then read on ...

I can help you because I've been where you are. Here's my story.

47 years ago, my first born, Michelle, was everything I had ever wanted. She seemed well and happy and gurgled happily like most babies do.

When her sister arrived 13 months later, I started to realise that Michelle, had not hit the milestones that her sister did with ease and she was actually learning more from her younger sister's development than I realised was right.

That moment when you realise your child is suffering...

My heart skipped a beat the day it dawned on me that there was something wrong with my first born. My dear baby girl was learning to become agitated, frustrated and angry with her limitations and I didn't know what on earth to do about it. I was gripped with guilt and fear.

The way the doctors understood it was devastating

So that's where my journey started. I consulted professionals, doctors, psychologists and educationists. The overwhelming feedback was that there was something wrong with ME. I was not parenting her effectively.  And I was dismissed with little to no support. I was inflamed, outraged and stigmatised. I was doing my best, for God's sake! And I knew in my gut that their assessments were wrong. But I didn't know where to go to get help.

I'll always remember what the doctors told me: one said that there was nothing there that good parenting couldn't fix. Another doctor proclaimed that if she grew up to be functional the best she could hope to achieve was to be a dishwasher and even then, she wouldn't be much good at that. I was devastated with these, what were essentially, life sentences.

Young Michelle remained angry, agitated, sad, aggressive and very difficult to manage. Her fine motor skills were clumsy and she lacked the ability to express herself clearly. 

Sadly it placed a lot of strain on my marriage as her father failed to cope with the demands of this little girl and within 5 years we had separated. This of course, added insult to injury. Now I had the complications of divorce, separation and a challenging situation with Michelle's father and was left to face this situation alone.

The turning point

It was only by an episode of great good fortune, that in Michelle's new school, where she underwent an assessment by an educational psychologist, the local authorities had lost all the papers relating to Michelle's past and she was admitted to this school with a clean slate.

Now the diagnosis came through with independent assessment. My treasured baby had cerebral palsy very likely caused by the birth process and was also dyspraxic and dyslexic with an emotional and intellectual IQ of around 45. I was exonerated. But in the meantime it had cost me many years of heartache and agony, untold financial impact as I'd spent a huge amount of money seeking for answers to her problems.

When I met Jim Goulding, my second husband, he and I embarked on a journey of exploration together to try and work out how we could reach and help heal Michelle's little battered heart and soul. I realised that no matter how much I loved her and how much Jim adopted her as his own, she was still left with this feeling of not quite belonging, of being inadequate, sad, lost, and annoyed at the world because of her disability.

The power of the subconscious mind

It was the 1970's. Jim's curiosity about how the unconscious mind worked was infectious. We explored together the phenomenon of recall of the conversations of surgeons by their patients under anaesthetic, a phenomenon that is still little understood or explored. We were taken on a journey of exploration of the power of the unconscious and how the unconscious registers our experiences in life.  We started to understand that children had no developed way of defending themselves against stray comments or unintended slights. They absorbed it all and regardless of their conscious reality, the unconscious was registering everything that had ever happened.

The turning point came when we were driving past an empty paddock one day with Michelle in the back of the car and as we did, she became excited and upbeat. We couldn't work out why she was so excited. It was an empty paddock after all! Later that evening when we reflected on it, we realised that just a few weeks before, there had been a big, bright and colourful circus on that same spot, and our intellectually challenged daughter had been able to access a well of unconscious memory at the moment that she saw the paddock. We realised that her unconscious knew more than we had recognised. And we were humbled.

The early days of the Goulding SleepTalk® Process

So armed with this information we developed the SleepTalk® process. It took several years of dead ends and false starts until we discovered by 1978 a process that worked with Michelle that would subsequently signpost breakthroughs for many thousands of children with all kinds of mental, emotional or behavioural issues all over the world.

It was one morning, as Michelle was coming downstairs, having used the process for a few weeks, I found myself anticipating another angry and disconnected outburst. But I asked her all the same: "How are you today Sweetheart?". She cocked her head to one side and, with a quizzical frown on her face, one word escaped her lips. "Happy". She said. My heart sang. It was emotional recognising that all of our struggles had been worth just this one word.

My Pledge

Happy Child

Since those early days I have devoted my life to the propagation of this very simple and yet profoundly essential process that I have shared with thousands of people all over the world.

It has been reviewed by professional after professional, has been validated by every parent who uses the process as it was intended, and has created many thousands of happy children.

I am a qualified medial practitioner and psychiatrist. I have used the techniques of the Goulding SleepTalk® process for the past 24 years. It is a safe effective and a very valuable process. It has many applications including enhancing the self-esteem of the child, building confidence to go swimming or reading aloud in class, bedwetting etc. I have taught this technique to other medical colleagues, and I have presented at academic meetings case studies of patients who were treated successfully. I recommend it highly.
Dr Eileen Feeney, MD and Psychiatrist, Richmond, Surrey. UK

And now I want to save you the searching and heart ache and financial cost that I went through by offering you this very simple, easy to apply, process that could profoundly change how your child feels about themselves, and therefore how they behave and interact with the rest of the world.

Here's what a few people have said about this process:

I have been doing just the foundation statement for the last 3 weeks and have noticed that when my 18 month old wakes now she is not screaming or crying out my name. In the last few days she has been in her cot playing and laughing. Thanks again.
SleepTalk® Mum V

Both parents remained fully committed to the program throughout the whole 3 months, alternating the evenings that they said the words to their child and used some of the positive wording in the daytime to gain optimal benefits for their child.
There were notable improvements in sleep, bedwetting, eating, self security, confidence and self esteem, general well-being, communication, studies, and communication and relationships with parents within 3 months. 
2012 – Jenny Harris – UK – SleepTalk® consultant

I have just done my second session with the family and this is what the mum said to me at the end: "Doing the SleepTalk® process is good for parents too because I feel calmer, more flexible, more understanding and compassionate with my children. It also makes me feel less guilty when I get cross because the ST gives me time with my children of pure love and so it must make a difference to them"
Paola Bagnall - Consultant UK 2014

I will be forever grateful for your amazing technique, you cannot believe how tough it has been for our daughter and ourselves over the last 4 years. We have shed many tears along with my daughter, she is now like a different child and so many people (teachers and principal) are amazed at the transformation. Warm regards
Diane Newton – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 2014

You'll see from their heartfelt testimonials that the process has profoundly changed how they engage with their children, how their children engage with the world, and has healed at a level more profound than any other process I know, the hearts and souls of families and their treasured next generations.

How your children could benefit

If you want your children to:

Then I would like to offer you this very simple process that takes just 2 minutes a night when your child is sleeping. I have named this process the Goulding SleepTalk® Process.  You talk while they sleep.  For just 2 mintues. That's all it takes.

What kinds of symptoms can be helped

The process has helped in so many cases and I have so many amazing stories I could share with you about children who have been helped with: ADHD, adoption issues, anger, anxiety, Asperger's, autism, bullying, lymphoma, emotional outbursts, confidence, nightmares, OCD, panic, nail biting, PTSD, sleep issues, speech impediments, stress, selective mutism, hearing problems and tantrums among many others. And it can work on children from babies to 14 or 15 year olds.


While your child's conscious mind is relaxed and sleeping, your soothing words of reassurance and love will reach a level of consciousness that is not accessible with their conscious minds guarding the door. All that is required for their healing is your commitment to the process which I will show you when you download the Goulding SleepTalk® Process.  It takes just 2 minutes every night for 3 months, no matter what, of you talking to your child while they sleep. You talk. They listen. Creating happy children while they sleep.

What's the draw back?

Ok. There is a drawback to this. If you are not ready to become the parent your child needs when they ditch their hangups, you may have to ask yourself some bigger questions about what is important in your life. 

If however you're ready to address anything and everything to create a happy child, then you cannot fail. This very simple SleepTalk® process will create everything that it promises if you do it exactly as instructed.

"The SleepTalk® process is like brushing our teeth every night. We would never ever not do it."

I know this because I have worked with many hundreds of families over the last 40 years and where the process is applied, there is always change. And my SleepTalk® practitioners who teach my process report exactly the same. It has quite simply changed the lives of thousands of families all over the world.

My Daughter - an Update 40 years on

Michelle is now 47. She is married and lives independently with her husband of 26 years. And despite her intellectual challenges, she is happy. She is testament to mine and my late husband's devotion to finding real answers to her challenges, and as a result being able to help thousands of other families along the way. I am deeply grateful to those who believed in our tenacity to transcend all popular protocol around children's welfare and open up such a profound yet so simple a method of healing. And I would want nothing more than to know that what cost me so much heart ache and money is being used by people all over the world.

How can I sit on this information? How could I not offer you the benefit of this amazingly effective and simple process that takes just 2 minutes a night, saving years of searching and financial outlay along with way?

Get your copy

In my comprehensive book the Goulding SleepTalk® Process, I show you

And for the investment of less than one session of therapy or one psychological consultation in most countries around the world, I would be happy to offer you the ebook which you can download immediately and start working with this evening at  just


In addition to that and included in the figure above, just so that you can get to absorb the lessons effectively and even while you might be busy driving, cooking or cleaning... life is full of pressures... I also offer you included in that an MP3 recording, detailing the background and the information to give you the tools to implement this amazing simple process.

And just in case you need further support

When you confirm your purchase, I will also send you a link to a register of practitioners of the SleepTalk® programme all over the world, that you can consult locally to you if you need any support to carry through the process. This is a priceless resource of trusted colleagues who can support your family's transition into healthy and happy relationships.

Prefer Book and CD?

Some people prefer hard copy books and CD's and if you are one of those, I am happy to make you the same offer of content in hard format for just


That includes my much reviewed book the Goulding Process and included as a special offer the CD recording for you to play while in your car, in the kitchen, in the bath....in fact anywhere you have a CD player.  Your postage is included.

PLUS - When you buy the paperback book and CD you will receive FREE a link to download a video titled Developing a Child's Emotional Resilience: The Mind's Firewall where Joane Goulding discusses how the SleepTalk® process works to balance children's anxiety, stress, and relationships, and demonstrates the positive down line ramifications of change and calmness that SleepTalk® creates which permeates throughout the entire family.

"The Goulding Process is a sensible practical and easy-to-follow method of communicating important messages to the subconscious mind. This process should be used by all parents, educators and health professionals and the practice adopted in the management of all disorders in which the mind plays a significant role" 
Professor Ian E Brighthope: Fellow: Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

If you carry out this process 100% to the letter over the 3 months necessary and you do not get change, I will offer you a full money back guarantee. All I ask in return is for you to describe to me what you did. I haven't yet had anyone continue with the process and not get the results and that's why I confidently offer a money back guarantee if you are the first one for whom change didn’t occur. However, I'm certain after many thousands of people's testimonies, that it will bring results if you do it as instructed.


You talk. They listen. Creating happy children while they sleep.

Yours lovingly
Joane Goulding

Joane Goulding's Bio

Joane has championed the power of the unconscious mind since those early days of developing the SleepTalk® process. She is now an independent consultant to the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA) with 40 years' experience. A leading authority in the education of professional hypnotherapists for 20 years and a Director of the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science (AAHS) a Government Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Director of the Goulding Institute, creator of the Goulding SleepTalk® process, published author and international speaker. Professional qualifications include: Clinical Hypnotherapy, Education, Supervision, Training and Psycho-nutrition.  Joane Goulding LMASCH., LMAACHP., Emeritus MPCHA., MATMS.

Joane has trained hundreds of Goulding SleepTalk® consultants in countries all around the world.

Her work has left an indelible mark on the landscape of the mental and emotional development of children around the world. Her tenacity has enabled thousands of families to experience happiness and peace.

More information about Joane is available on the SleepTalk® Children website.

If you require a private consultation, you can find more information here.